The future
of fuel supply

The Allexx app is helping you find second hand-fuel in a conscious and resourceful community.
Anytime, anywhere near you.


A unique

Allexx provides a unique and innovative solution to buy and sell fuel between individuals, thanks to an easy to use and secure mobile application.


Buy & sell
your fuel

Buyers have the opportunity to purchase fuel at a lower cost and sellers can generate additional revenue by reselling their unused fuel. Allexx creates a collaborative community where our members become a part of the change.



In the European Economic Area, the free movements of goods, including fuels, is guaranteed.

Not subject to specific regulations, the resale of fuel purchased in gas stations is therefore possible between individuals.

With a positive impact on the environment

A better future, requires better actions.

All should join forces to leave a more breathable future for the next generations. We promote conscious reactions to our ecological footprints to preserve our planet. That is why we have created a way to compensate the CO2 emissions that are produced by the Allexx community.

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