Revolutionizing the way people purchase energy.

Revolutionizing the way people purchase energy.


A new way to source
fuel between individuals.

The idea

Large quantities of fuel are kept in private vehicle tanks without being used. These 'dormant' quantities of fuel are offered for purchase & sale on our online marketplace.

the vision

Take the power, feel the impact.

To offer citizens the opportunity to join the consumer actors, who want to protect their purchasing power as much as the environment.


Meet the team, see the dream.

At Allexx, we prefer to say: 'We all dreamed about it and we acted so that together we could all be agents of change, of another way of consuming.'

The Allexx team is above all a collective whose ambition is to make a strong impact on people's lives and the environment by creating innovative solutions.

THE founder

The future is now.

'We have built a project that completely breaks with the existing business model and enables us to offer fuels at lower costs, making them accessible to the greatest number of people. Our goal is simple and innovative: to create a new market based on a new service offering a ground-breaking product that ensures better fuel exchange between individuals, and through this, ensure the reduction of their carbon emissions.'

Aleksandar T. Gajić, Chairman of the Board of Directors