Climate protection is
not just a philosophy.

It is action that is taken every day.
For each transaction, Allexx calculates the CO2 emissions that can be offset. That way you can compensate for the climate impact of the fuel you buy. The fuel purchased on Allexx is labeled “Climate Neutral Product” and certifies that your emissions are compensated.

With us, you contribute to achieving the collective goal of global neutrality 🌱

And for this we thank you.

In the Allexx app you can do the following

Analyze your CO2 emissions and see your 'Fuel Carbon Score' index.

Measure the environmental impacts (positive & negative) of fuel purchases.

Offset the remaining CO2 emissions to move towards carbon neutrality.

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Carbon Fuel Score - an index that analyses
and classifies your carbon performance

We established a specific index to assess and compare the carbon performance of fuels purchased on our marketplace. The goal is simple: to allow you to influence your consumption pattern and improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Our 'Carbon Fuel Score' informs you by an associated alphabetical classification (A, B, C, D, E) of CO2 emissions.

Thus, the letter A suggests that the type of fuel purchased is a more sustainable choice. In contrast, an E score represents a very high environmental footprint. The idea is to make citizens individually responsible for their carbon impact to encourage them to pollute less and reduce their consumption.

Positive & negative impacts,
what are they exactly?

The avoided CO2 emissions create a positive impact on the climate and the environment. The equation is simple, reusing fuels avoids additional production. As a result, energy and the raw materials inherent in the manufacture of fuel (drilling, extraction, refining, distribution) are saved. The induced CO2 emissions create a negative impact on the environment.

The emissions released by the combustion of fuels during the use of vehicles contribute to the climate change visible today. Therefore, reducing these greenhouse gas emissions is a priority to contribute to carbon neutrality in the world.
These impacts are measured in quantity of CO2 and type of fuel (diesel, petrol).

Moving towards carbon neutrality

After measuring the impacts on the environment and analysing the carbon performance of your fuel purchases, you immediately have access to the calculation of your 'Net Impact': emissions avoided - emissions induced = emissions remaining.
How do we take concrete actions to offset remaining CO2 emissions?

Innovative and participative, the Allexx application offers you to finance quality projects for climate protection by purchasing carbon credits from our partner myclimate. The acquisition of carbon credits has a double virtue: supporting a project compatible with sustainable development objectives and moving towards carbon neutrality.

We compensate for


of our users emissions

A better future,
requires better actions.

Allexx offers climate-neutral labeled fuel thanks to the support of 3 high-quality climate protection projects.