How it works?

1. Browsing fuel

When signing up on Allexx, the Home Screen appears to the seller and buyer, giving a lot of possibilities. For example, the buyers can browse for a fuel ad, and the sellers can create a new ad.

From the Nav Bar:

The search icon enables one to browse all the ads available around the users to the right upside on the screen. The filters are used to precise the request.

From the Map:

The map indicates the location of the sellers. Additionally, the seller's profile has all information regarding the ad and filters detailed in the buyer's research.

With the Filters:

On the top of the screen, the user can select the fuel type, a range price, the quantity of fuel (litres), and the country they are buying in. The map or the browser view displays relevant ads. Each ad mentions the type of fuel, the distance from the location, the price per litre, and the quantity of fuel available to sell. It also indicates the seller's name, the time frames in which the trade can occur, and the ad availability.

2. Purchasing fuel

The fuel ad can be reserved or bought. By pressing the “Buy” button, a request is sent to the seller. Once the seller accepts the request, both users can organize their meeting in the chat.

3. Selling fuel

In the center of the menu you can find the plus icon which enables to create a new ad by selecting a few elements:

1) Select the fuel type:
B7, B10 for Diesel
E5, E10, E85 for Petrol

2) Slide the bar or use the '-'/'+' to apply the total selling quantity (in litre) of fuel

3) Choose the minimum selling quantity per buyer. You can choose to sell the total quantity of your fuel or sell it in smaller amounts.

4) Use the '-'/'+' to select the price/litre. The final price is automatically calculated.

5) Select a location.

6) Add a start and validity period to the ad.

7) Post the ad.

4. The transaction

After the buyer and sellers reach an agreement in the Chat, the transaction is validated by pressing the 'Accept' button on the message screen.

During the meeting, once the fuel transaction has been completed, the buyer will show a QR code to be scanned in order to confirm the transaction and release the funds to transfer the money.

5. Rating the transaction/user

After the trade and transaction are completed, the seller and the buyer can rate their trade and meeting by a thumbs up or down!